Marketing Agencies in Agartala

Marketing Agencies in Agartala

Agartala Marketing Agencies

Marketing is a common part of doing business and strategic marketing can grow your business faster. The technology has been changed and therefore the marketing techniques too. If you are searching for the Best Marketing Agencies in Agartala to promote your services at a low cost. No doubt you should consider Digital Marketing Services for promotion and you should look for a  Digital Marketing Agency in Agartala.

Why Digital Marketing?

Your business needs to promote with the goal of generating revenue from it to the targeted audience who will mostly buy your service. And there is the difference between Digital Marketing and  Traditional Marketing.

In Traditional Marketing, you can never set your target audience and therefore you will show your ads to everyone and it will cost you more. Also in the traditional marketing process, you are not sure about the interested audience and if a customer is interested then he needs to follow a long method to connect with your services and this way you are missing a lot of potential customers for your business.

In another way, in Digital Marketing you can set your target customer, target location, target audience persona and reach a higher number of audiences who mostly interested services similar to you and it is a great opportunity to engage them with your service and generate lead easily. 

How traditional marketing works for businesses?

In Traditional Marketing, you have very limited and costly options like,

1. Flyers & Posters:  The first thing you do to promote your service is by distributing flyers and posters in your local area, so basically you have to print it before distribution. To generate a good awareness of your services you at least print 5000 numbers of flyers  Which Cost you around  Rs 3000 INR? 

Then you find a flyer distributor boy who almost charges you Rs 300 per day x 3 days? ( If I assume he distributes 1000 Flyers per day ) i.e another Rs 1000 /-  you need to add in your budget.

Well after that, When your distributor distributes it to the people, 98% of them threw it into the road and 2% Read the content on it.

So If you are reaching 5000 people and 2% of them reading the content on it, i.e 100 people among 5000 just found what your business provides, and What do you think How many of them will call you for the services?

Well, Hardly 2-5 calls if your luck is good, otherwise? No comments.

So your total investment was RS ( 3000 + 1000 ) /- = Rs 4000/-  just to reach 5000 people and that too for a single day?

Why Single Day ?  It is your single-day promotion cost because of the audience who will see that flyer it will be the first and only impression to him about your business, he will not receive it regularly from you.

So just do the math, in case you want to reach 1 Lac customers in your state, How much you need to spend?

Ummm, let move on to the next.

2. Flex printing & Billboards:  Well you said you are smart and have enough money to reach one lac customers via  Billboards advertisement in Agartala.  So right now the main question arises, What is the cost of outdoor Advertisement in Agartala?  or How much does it cost on hoarding advertisement in Agartala?

No doubt, Outdoor advertising will create a good visibility of your Brand but How you will ensure the target audience? How you will engage the audience with the hoardings?  How you will allow the audience to take action if they are interested?

Moreover in How many places, you need to put the same ad to ensure good visibility?

And the last, What about the cost? and How do you get the return from it?

Well, now it seems costlier Ummm? so let's move to the next traditional marketing option with big-budget,

3. News Paper Advertising: Well Newspaper is a great marketing tool for the '80s and 90's people who used to read the newspaper every morning with a cup of tea. 

But the tradition is changed along with the technology, Now people find the latest news on the News website, in Social Media and from youtube channels. And some from WhatsApp University lol :-p,

well still Newspaper Advertising is a great tool for big enterprises but if you talk about costing it costs a huge amount for a color advertisement in a proper place of the paper.

But the same issue, how you will engage your audience?

And are you ready to spend that amount for a Single Day advertisement? After that day the people usually use newspaper on a different day to day task or selling it to the local shop owner.

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